Samstag, 8. November 2008


Hier seht ihr meine letzte Arbeit, die schon ein wenig zurückliegt. Ein Weihnachtsstern in dem die Füllung von einem Bettkissen steckt. Ich will noch ein zweites in dieser Serie machen. Mal sehn ob ich es auch bald fertig bekomme. Es wurde nur aus Quatraten gearbeitet.

Here you can see my last work. I made it a time before. A christmasstar with a bedqillow in it. I will make a second from the same series. I will look if I finished it soon. I had make it from quaters only.

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Linda C. hat gesagt…

Elke, the pillow is charming. I love it! Also, love the coloring of the leaves you posted. I think leaves and trees with multi-colors are so beautiful. There is a maple tree on my way to work that I love to watch in the autumn. Since it is now December, the trees are bare. We had snow, but today, it is warmer, and we are having rain. Nothing is more dismal than a bare tree in the rain!

Best wishes for the Holiday Season to you and your famiily.